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Health Utilization Management Review

AFMC’s Fort Smith office provides health utilization management reviews for public and private health plans to ensure all health care services reimbursed are provided in the most efficient manner and are medically necessary. As a result, professional clinical services staff enable providers to deliver the highest quality of care while at the same time preventing fraud and abuse.

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Our Clinical Services

  • Acute Care Unit Review
  • Behavioral Health
  • Durable Medical Equipment Prior Authorizations
  • Emergency Medicaid and Out-of-State Service Review
  • Emergency Room Retrospective Review
  • Extension of Benefits
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions Retrospective Review
  • Hyperalimentation Prior Authorizations
  • Inpatient Stay Retrospective Review
  • Medicaid Utilization Management Program
  • Molecular Pathology Prior Authorizations
  • Physician Administered Drugs Prior Authorizations
  • Surgical Procedure, Assistant Surgeon and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Prior Authorizations
  • Transplant Prior Authorizations